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Check the features of our team collaboration app

Project management app optimized for online team collaboration
Projects, tasks, Milestones, Events, Notes, Chat, Teammates management, Clients and more


You can finally collaborate with your teammates and customers with our new product located in the cloud. You can access it from a dedicated app or from any web browser.
Our product shines thanks to its ease of use and simplicity. We focus our attention on the features that the majority of project managers actually use.

Easy to try, easy to buy

MacPlanner Cloud is very affordable as we believe that project management should be accessible to any kind of user.

Version 2.0. Requires macOS 10.14 or later versions. Optimized for Macs with Intel or Apple Silicon processors. The trial version is code-signed and notarized by Apple (service to detect malwares).

Manage any project

You are an architect, a wedding planner or a project manager? MacPlanner Cloud can handle any project. We are always surprised by new customers.

Easy to use

We only focus on the most used features of project management. MacPlanner Cloud is intuitive and fun to use.

Create tasks, milestones

You can even create notes and comments on tasks or chat with your teammates.

Manage teammates

You can assign tasks to your co-workers and follow the progress on a Kanban Board

Always connected

The power of our cloud solution allows you to better communicate on the different steps of a project.

Manage the cost

For each milestone, you can assign a fixed cost. You can even assign a budget to your project.

Different views

You can see all the tasks on a friendly calendar, a kanban board, a list, it's up to you.

Beautiful design

We care about user experience so you will be delighted by the design and simplicity.