Frequently Asked Questions

Check our answers to frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us if you cannot find any answer.

Do you resell user data?

Nope, like Apple, we deeply care about privacy and security. We are very picky on these topics and we will never do anything wrong for users. Sadly, a lot of companies are doing a sneaky business with the data of users and it's wrong. You can trust us on this topic.

can I open a Microsoft Project file?

YES but you need to export a project to Microsoft XML format as Microsoft default format is not open to developers. You can import projects only in the Mac version from the Import menu (90% of documents are compatible. It's not 100% because Microsoft do not even respect  XML standard conventions)

How do I sync projects between Mac and iPhone?

You can sync projects between your devices automatically. Follow these steps.

1. On your Mac and iPhone, enable mcPlanner option in iCloud Drive settings (go to Apple preferences)
2. On the Mac, move a document to mcPlanner folder inside iCloud Drive and the document will automatically appears on mcPlanner documents list on your iPhone.

NOTE: if mcPlanner folder still do not appears on your Mac, restart the Mac. 

How I do create dependencies between tasks?

Select a task on the Gantt view. You will a dot at the end of the task. Click on the dot while keeping the mouse down and connect the next task. 

NOTE: when you select a dependency, you can edit many options.

Do you have an example to download?

Yes, you can download many projects made with mcPlanner by clicking here

MacPlanner Cloud
Can I Import projects made with MacPlanner?

This feature is not available as the two products are very different.

Do I need to use the app to create an account?

Nope, you can create an account from the app and it's recommended, but you can also do it from any web browser using this URL

NOTE: former MacPlanner website accounts are not compatible. 

Is the app FREE to try?

Our app is 100% free for the trial plan and does not require any credit card information to start. All features are available.

Can I cancel a subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel a subscription from any moment. The current month or year (depending of the selected plan) is always due and cannot be refunded. You can cancel a subscription from your account.

MacPlanner MindMap
Do you have an example to download?

Yes, you can download some files created with mcPlanner MindMap by clicking here.

NOTE: you need version 3.1.1 or later versions

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