A powerful
business toolkit

Projects, Tasks, Invoices, Payments: MacPlanner is a perfect tool to fulfill all your project management needs. It's a highly effective online service to manage your business operations if you’re an organization handling various projects. MacPlanner is simple like a Mac.


An amazing set of features

Simple user experience, powerful functions

  • Workspaces

    A workspace is a business entity or a specific activity (yoga, training,...) 

  • Projects

    Get information on days left for a particular project as well as total tasks under each project. Set a budget.

  • Tasks

    Assign the task to users and set a due date for task completion. Add comments and create a sub-task.

  • Milestones

    For each milestone created, a cost and summary is added. Status: complete, incomplete or on hold.

  • Kanban View

    With a simple layout, using a kanban board you could manage the progress of your projects.

  • Calendar View

    The due dates of the projects and tasks will appear in the calendar. Manage the workflow accordingly.

  • Gantt View

    MacPlanner is featuring a beautiful and clean Gantt view to get a better perspective of a project.

  • Notes

    Create your personalized notes so that nothing remains forgotten. Also, you could prioritize the notes on the basis of its urgency.

  • Users / Clients

    You can invite your co-workers or customers to participate on projects.

  • Files

    Upload the necessary files to your project without any hassle.

  • Invoices / Payments

    Send invoices to customers and get paid with your Stripe or Paypal account.

  • Fully secure

    MacPlanner is hosted on powerful and secure Mac servers. 

A great user experience

How It Works

  • 1

    Create an account

    The first step is to create an account. By default, you will be on the FreePlan allowing you to manage one project with two co-workers.

    Workspaces, projects, tasks, milestones, Kanban view, gantt view, calendar, users, files, notes, invoices, payment via Stripe or Paypal 

  • 2

    Setup your workspace

    You can create multiple workspaces for different projects.

    You can create an individual workspace or share workspace by inviting other users.

  • 3

    Create a project

    You can create new projects and assign users to them. Add users on each project. Get information on days left for a particular project as well as total tasks under each project. Set a budget and create milestones for projects.

  • 4

    Invite co-workers and clients

    You can invite users and give them access to various projects and workspace. A user tab will give brief information of projects and tasks of each user. You could always add a new user and remove an unnecessary user as and when required.

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Optimized for all devices

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

We only offer 3 different plans as we believe in simplicity and great user experience

  • FreePlan

    Perfect to test the service
    • ✓
      1 workspace
    • ✓
      2 projects
    • ✓
      2 co-workers
    • ✓
      5 clients
  • ProPlan

    For small businesses
    • ✓
      3 workspaces
    • ✓
      25 projects
    • ✓
      5 co-workers
    • ✓
      100 clients
  • MaxPlan

    The best of MacPlanner
    • ✓
      10 workspaces
    • ✓
      100 projects
    • ✓
      25 co-workers
    • ✓
      100 clients/workspace


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